My girlfriend got me interested. I remember passing on the series when it was on Toonami, and I tried watching the English dub on Youtube (I usually watch English dubs), but it's too awful. But I like the Japanese version. 

Frankly this is why a lot of people knew of Sailor Moon. Hot outfits for cosplay girls. 

But it is a decent anime. It stars a girl named Usagi who is dumb as rocks, eats everything, and cries like a bitch. 

She gets constantly picked on by this guy. 

But then she finds a talking cat. 

And becomes a Sailor Warrior. 

So she has to stop this asshole from stealing energy from people. Seriously energy. You'll learn this about a billion times. 

She can't fight worth a damn, so Tuxedo Mask comes to save her ass constantly. 

I'm sure a lot of the show is filler and the manga is at least a billion times better, but it doesn't start to pick up until Sailor Mercury. I really like her look, and personality. Her fight moves suck ass though. 

Sailor Mars was a great character. I liked her fire power, and how she would fight verbally with Sailor Moon all the time.