Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami GothLoli Cosplay Costume

It is the girl to be endowed with rights show allure in beautiful ruffles and bows! When it comes to cosplay attire, here you will meet a nice offer of Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami GothLoli Cosplay Costume. Free shipping is attached as a real boon. Now click the picture to visit our site or keep reading for more details about it!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami GothLoli Cosplay Costume

Ayanami GothLoli in Neon Genesis Evangelion dresses up with awhite strapless sweetheart top with black strips tied the front as well as a black skirt with two circles of white ruffles. The matching ruffled black and white bands are seen around the neck to spice up the upper look. All are made of quality cotton for comfortable and durable wear. A metal chain is spotted to connect the band around the neck to the wrist band, which even makes the allure vividly portrayed. Everything about such a costume goes a really alluring way to play the role. As you are the expert of the role of your choice, now figure it out to meet your needs.

To be honesty to the original role, our manufactures always spare their efforts to assure costumes are detailed to remake the dress of the role. Meanwhile, high quality and durability are always concerned for tough and long-time use. To complete the vivid cosplay look,shoes, wigs and other props are also needed. Of course, you can find nice relevant wigs, shoes, weapons and other props to match the look.

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